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Local clients who buy into Newcastle self-storage unit recognise that they are able to achieve a high degree of independence with these professional facilities.

Sole contractors are the type of customers who stand to gain the most out of these services, allowing them to protect their stock and leverage the business’s resources for their own purposes.

The amount of time and money required to install internal storage systems will be extensive for independent practitioners in the Hunter, so it pays to tap into a program that is already geared to their interests.

These are the outstanding benefits that sole contractors will enjoy when they decide to buy or rent a Newcastle self storage unit this year.


Enhanced Security Measures

Sole contractors know that their valuables cannot fall into the wrong hands. Even with insurance policies, the short-term financial damage can be too much to sustain given the competitive nature of these economic roles in the community. This is where a Newcastle self-storage unit comes into play, equipping participants with lock and key devices, security code protections and even surveillance footage for premium service agreements.


Adapting Their Storage Requirements

Self contractors are unique when it comes to the types of assets they have on hand and how this alters from the summer to winter seasons. From builders to gardeners, electrical specialists and IT developers, the use of a Newcastle self-storage unit will allow individuals to customise their package accordingly. Each unit will be designated according to its square metre measurement, opening up avenues for mobile units, climate-controlled venues, outdoor facilities and beyond.


Protecting Stock Integrity

Newcastle self storage units for commercial use.

When these valuables are left exposed or in unsanitary conditions, they can quickly deteriorate in value. Especially for wood, plastic, glass and ceramic surfaces, they have to be looked after to maintain their quality from the production floor until delivery. It is one of the reasons why sole contractors will gravitate to a Newcastle self-storage unit because it allows them to keep these collections away from unwanted dust, debris, moisture, pests and other components that will damage their standing, forcing an expensive replacement or repair job.


Transparent Access

One of the benefits for hiring or purchasing a Newcastle self-storage unit is the ability to enter and exit at the client’s leisure. While other sites will dictate strict term limitations on operating hours, operators have the chance to maneuver stock during early mornings, late evenings, weekends and public holidays to ensure that they can enjoy a convenient level of service. No artificial restrictions will be found with these types of agreements.


Resource Assistance

There will be outlets that provide sole contractors with access to a Newcastle self-storage unit alongside extra provisions for a forklift to help maneuver their stock. Sole contractors know that they cannot always afford these types of resources, helping them to tap into a larger network where that type of assistance is available for their package. Participants should examine various suppliers in this market to see if forklift provisions are part of the agreement and if so, how these utilities are accessed from one period to the next.


Versatile Term Agreements

Newcastle companies won’t force constituents to be boxed into an agreement that is too dear or too inflexible for their requirements. Some users will look to tap into these facilities for the short-term as they transition from one worksite to the next while others will be happy to maintain their valuables on site for the foreseeable future. The important step for contractors in this environment is to see what they have to offer, but the expectation will be for flexible term agreements.


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