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They might look modest from the outset, but the use of a hydrotite system is incredibly valuable for those constituents who are taking part with building projects.

Whether it is for a new home or for a commercial setting, members need to know that water infiltration won’t damage the foundations of the property.

It is these small details which will make the world of difference for residential and commercial operators, seeing cracks below the surface start to form as costly repairs have to be engaged down the line.

We will look at the value these assets provide for community members and detail why they should be sourced as early as possible in the planning phase.

Ensuring Structural Integrity

The hydrotite system showcases the very best adaptable technology for home and business environments. Thanks to the hydrophilics application, this is a design that seals off exposed water from entering into the construction joints. Such is the power and efficiency of these materials, they can hold off up to 50m heads of water at any one time. For those that want to ensure structural integrity and strengthen the foundations of the building project, this is the purchase to make.

Flexible Brand Profiles

The adaptability of the hydrotite system is showcased through a range of measures, but none more so than the variety of the product lines itself. This is to ensure that there is a suitable fit for every concrete joint, wall and gap where these goods can be positioned. From the DSS0220 model to the CJ0725-3K, CJ1030-4M and CJ1020-2K design alternatives, operators can assess what will suit the environment better given their size, cost and capabilities.

Durable Lifespan

The process that is on display for the hydrotite system is something to behold because once it has absorbed a high level of water and increased in size, it will then return to its original position to retract and repeat the cycle. This is a major selling point for those constituents who want an investment that delivers on all fronts. Rather than worrying about replacements or repairs, it will be a self-sustaining asset that delivers the goods each and every year.

Placed Across Variety of Positions

Building projects that are run and managed on public and private lands are all suitable areas to integrate the hydrotite system. From large commercial offices and warehouses to small townhouses, apartment blocks and mansions, there will be domains where construction joints are leveraged for these materials.

Fast Installation Phase


The hydrotite system will fit neatly in between the material slabs and walls that are located around the site, something that can be overseen within a few minutes from professional operators. While they will need to assess the positioning of these items, the physical labour required to install the brand won’t be extensive at all, freeing up more time for clients to focus on more pressing matters for the sake of the building project.

Free Project Quotes

Those home and business owners who are looking at these water stop utilities should recognise that they have access to free quote measures from suppliers. There can very well be questions about how they are used and whether or not they will interfere with other domains around the property before outlining the exact cost for the product and the labour.

Home and business owners who are overseeing a building construction are in safe hands when they invest in a hydrotite system. The dividends might not be realised inside the first 6-12 months, but once they recognise that they are not dealing with damage and cracking throughout the foundations, they know that they have made a wise choice.

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