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No one likes it when they have to go to doctors on a regular basis, but it is sometimes necessary if we want to survive. Life isn’t easy when you are having to go through this, and it can be scary to know that something is wrong and the doctors can’t easily fix it with a little bit of medicine. Not to worry though, as it is very non-invasive and you won’t have to take much time out of your day to get one done. Once you have an appointment set and your doctor gives you a recommendation on where you to get one, you are already halfway done with the process. Here we will be going over the process of getting a FibroScan and how you can best prepare for it.

Two Weeks Before

Two weeks before you go in for your FibroScan, it is strongly recommended to stop drinking alcohol to make sure that any alcohol that is messing with your liver is gone. The damage that alcohol does to your liver is immense, and drinking with the possibility of a liver disease is not recommended. If you are an alcoholic, this may be challenging as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. Make sure that if you are an alcoholic, you mention this to your doctor before quitting drinking, as there have been cases in the past where people have had seizures and died from withdrawal.

The Day of Your FibroScan

Man getting a FibroScan

The day that you go into your FibroScan, you should stop eating about three hours before you go into your scan, and avoid drinking any liquids as much as you can. Food being in your system can make it harder for the doctors to pinpoint the problems that you have and will only make your visit longer. If you need to drink water, that is fine, but don’t drink an excessive amount until after you have finished your test.

What is it

Before you go in to your FibroScan, it is important to know what the scan does and what the process is. A FibroScan is an ultrasound machine that will check for any fatty changes or scarring in your liver and will be the determining factor for if you will need to have liver surgery. The most common reason that people will have a FibroScan is if they have liver disease and the reason for it is to help ensure that you can digest food properly.

The scan isn’t too difficult of a process. After you get checked in, you will be brought into a room and the doctor or the assistant will ask for you to place your arm above your head. They will then search around on your stomach to find your liver and then place a probe over it and begin the test. The test isn’t painful at all, and the most that you might feel is a small bump from the machine. The overall process for this takes roughly ten to twenty minutes.

After the test is finished, it will get sent off to the lab and get further inspected by more doctors and you will get a call or set an appointment to go over your results later on. Once this happens, you are free to go. The test is relatively simple, quick and easy and if you are working that day you are free to go back to work. While the idea of a FibroScan can seem scary at first, there is nothing to worry about in the end.

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There are countless people across the world who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Each person has their own unique experience, and they have to deal with it on their own terms. However, the one thing that all of them have in common is that they all need to be treated for this condition. There are several different types of treatment programs available these days. Depending on who you are, what you went through, and what you are looking for, the PTSD recovery program that you choose will vary.

The biggest factor that comes into play when choosing a program is the quality of service that you get. You can define your budget yourself and then look for an affordable PTSD recovery program that serves your needs in the best possible manner. Here are the three basic types of programs that cater to different types of people so you can figure out where you fit and then go for that option.

Residential Treatment Facilities

Before discussing the different types of programs, we need to discuss the basic requirement that we need for a successful treatment. Residential facilities are specialized centers where you can go for a PTSD recovery program while being in an environment that makes you feel protected and prevents triggers. A person may have an episode from a range of triggers like fireworks, gunfire, flashing or bright lights, and many other things. A residential facility will make sure you do not experience those things and will even take care of unique triggers if you have any.

Types of Facilities

There are three main types of facilities where you can go for your treatment. The PTSD recovery program that you get may be similar in most cases, but the experience would be different depending on your needs and budget.

Basic Facilities

Young man undertaking PTSD recovery program

These are the places where you will find the most people with an almost hospital-like environment. The PTSD recovery program they have would still be comprehensive, but you will find yourself surrounded by many other people as well who have had the same type of experience that you have had. This may feel a bit crowded for some people, but it is the cheapest option and has group therapy sessions as well.

Luxury Facilities

These are an expensive option and prices can go quite high depending on your affordability. However, the environment is much nicer, and you get to live in a luxurious environment. The facilities are also high-end, and the location is usually quite nice as well. Furthermore, some facilities also allow you to modify your PTSD recovery program according to your specific needs and provide a much more personalised overall experience.

Executive Facilities

There is not much difference in terms of the service that you get in executive and luxury facilities. However, the one key difference is that this one is designed for someone who does not have the time to set aside several weeks and disconnect from the world. This facility allows you access to all the technology that you need to stay connected to the outside world, especially for business. The PTSD recovery program is also highly customized to meet your schedule and you can do everything you want to do while still being in a protected and relaxing environment.

If you simply do not want to commit to a proper recovery program, some facilities are also offering OPD PTSD recovery program options. You can continue living your normal life while also visiting your doctor or therapist regularly. Most people suffering with mild cases tend to use this facility. If you have had treatment for PTSD before, we would love to hear about your experience!

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It’s the time of year where health and safety are paramount in any workplace around the globe. Especially after the year that’s come and gone, the focus on workplace health has become the focal point of any workplace environment. More offices are employing the use of corporate flu vouchers and setting up vaccination days, in numbers never seen before. There is a logical reason behind it all, the employment of these tactics has shown some remarkable results in more aspects than pure physical health.

Today we will explore some of the unforeseen bonuses that have accrued from corporate flu vouchers as well as vaccination days and explore how the focus on employee health has benefitted a company and individual in wholly different ways.

The Influenza Jab and Corporate Flu Vouchers

For those who may not be aware, there are a variety of companies who offer their services to organise a day for employees to volunteer for an influenza vaccination during the busy season. These companies take care of getting the nurse, supplies and ensure a safe and secure environment for implementing the jab. All companies that offer this service must be accredited by a governing body to ensure that safety is of utmost priority.

For out-sourced employees or ones who are not able to attend on the day, they also provide an array of corporate flu vouchers that can be redeemed for the jab at a later date at a place that conveniences them. The use of corporate flu vouchers have become more popular during the lockdown period and the months after the fact and still manages to have the same effect of team building and immunisation as the in-house offerings.

Unintended Consequences

corporate flu vaccine

While the immunisation of the office promotes a healthier overall air for the office environment, there have been some unintended positive outcomes that have stemmed from the increased implementation of influenza jabs and corporate flu vouchers:

Building A Unified Team

One of the more obvious extras to implementing corporate flu vouchers and vaccinations has been the increased level of team camaraderie as a result. Especially in terms of corporate flu vouchers for the out-of-town workers or the ones who are not able to attend the initial jab. The notion of having the freedom to choose a time and place to get the vaccination and have the company cover the costs has an immensely uplifting feeling associated with it.

Out-of-town workers get the feeling of being part of the same team that is in the office due to the corporate flu vouchers which can make for a much more aligned and strengthened team overall. This is all on top of the intended consequence of a safer working environment during the more irritable months of the year.

Increasing Company Loyalty

Another positive consequence of incorporating vaccinations and corporate flu vouchers into the company is the marked increase of company loyalty. Due to the simple psychology of an office caring for their workers health enough to organise and provide the service, there can be inherent increases to the loyalty a worker will show to their employers who care. Not only this, there are also run-off bonuses of increased productivity due to the security felt by workers as well as the newfound camaraderie experienced by the team as a whole.

A company can increase their bottom line and the health and safety of their workers with a simple yet effective method – the provable increases to team morale cannot be overstated. Consider office vaccinations and corporate flu vouchers and see for yourself.


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