The decision to venture forward with HR internships can be a challenging one for those students who are cautious about stepping outside of their comfort zone.

As beneficial as an educational endeavour will be, there will be a time where young members are required to test their skills in real world environments.

Each individual will have their own expectations and ambitions in this field, but it is important to look at the rationale behind these programs and what incentives are on offer to sign up.

Impress on the Resume

There is no question that a major enticement with students to take part in HR internships is to ensure that their resume stands out from the competition when employers are assessing their prospects. The grades and report cards from high schools and universities will be a tangible currency, but it won’t be the complete picture if there is a desire to work within a human relations enterprise. For those boys and girls who are on the fence about the project, they should understand that these couple of weeks can make all the difference for what lies ahead in their professional future.

Understanding Modern HR Demands

Those students who are lucky enough to take part in HR internships will see that the modern demands of the practice are forever changing. Policies around sexual harassment, racial inequality, mental health, gender inequality and wage inequality are being written and rewritten given the shift of commercial and societal change. Being placed in the middle of this environment is a chance to see these dynamics operating in real time and how the theory matches with the practice.

Creating a Niche in HR

Young interns who work through these HR internships will find themselves coming into contact with a range of professionals who have fitted into a niche in the market. Given the different requirements needed for a department to function, individuals will see managers, specialists, generalists, coordinators, assistants and recruiters at any time. This is a chance for participants to learn about their role, how they apply their skills and if that would be commensurate with what they would want to become.

Applying Theoretical Knowledge to Real World Challenges

Woman talking to her manager before she starts her HR internships

Students can impress a lot through their academic work, but it requires another step altogether to participate in HR internships and apply those skills to events in real time. From reporting measures and consulting with industry groups to holding workshops, negotiating contracts and balancing the pressures of multiple duties inside a single day, this is where the application will be tested. Mistakes are likely to be made in these environments, ensuring that men, women, boys and girls learn from those experiences and become stronger professionals as a result.

Building Professional Networks & Connecting With Mentors

The opportunity to have doors opened and to learn from the work of others is where the real currency is found with HR internships. This is an environment where men and women make connections and build relationships with those who have been in the industry for years. It is the place to find mentors and to continue a dialogue in the event that other doors are opened in human relations in the months and years to follow.

Receiving Full-Time Role Opportunities

When students realise that their educational journey is reaching a conclusion, they want to see that full-time opportunities are extended their way in the public or private sector. To reach that point, employers will be looking out for quality grades from these institutions as well as real life experience, something that HR internships deliver for members. There are no guarantees in this field where individuals have to participate in these programs to be offered a role, but it will only improve their prospects as managers take a well-rounded view of their qualities as a candidate.